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A panel of San Diego Union-Tribune sports writers and editors debated and eventually selected "The Most Memorable Moments in San Diego Sports History." The San Diego Chicken and The Grand Hatching are number 33 on the list. The Grand Hatching, considered to be the most successful sports promotion of all time, occurred on June 29, 1979. See a video about The Grand Hatching above. Read the Tribune article here.

The Baseball Hall of Fame honors the San Diego Chicken on display in a handsome showcase feature dubbed, A Whole New Ballgame.

In its spring edition, the Hall’s official magazine, Memories and Dreams, has a pictorial spread that highlights a glass encased, mounted version of the famous fowl greeting visitors at the entrance of the museum’s, “Chicken Wing.” Sports fans have regularly posed for selfies next to this premiere mascot monument.

Over the years, the outfit has appeared in several presentations with the HOF since requesting performer Ted Giannoulas’ coat of feathers in the late 90s.



Did you ever want to own a piece of The San Diego Chicken? Panini America will give you that chance with their 2016 Donruss baseball card series. The collection will have 234 cards featuring an embedded piece of a game worn San Diego Chicken costume and an autograph. Watch thevideo to see the process and how The Chicken reacts to the surgery.




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