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The San Diego Chicken
Heads Into a Sunset

Ted Giannoulas’s arrival was delayed four-plus hours; some of his luggage had not arrived. Now, in a brightly lit, empty drive-through restaurant outside of downtown, he savored a double burger as closing time neared. It was a late Sunday night in early August...  
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He took slapstick comedy and strutted smack into the sports world — the Three Stooges in feathers, the Marx Brothers with a beak ... plucking some sort of stumbling, fumbling Dick Van Dyke out of the 1970s and bringing him into the games of our lives with webbed feet.  
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  Has it really been four decades since the fun-loving San Diego State journalism student agreed to put on a chicken suit for $2 an hour and hand out candy and Easter eggs at a zoo? How could time fly so fast for the Famous Chicken, the hilarious mascot originally hatched as the San Diego Chicken?
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The San Diego Chicken has been a staple of Major League Baseball mascots for nearly four decades and Giannoulas has been inside that suit every single day of those 40 years.  In fact, Giannoulas has NEVER missed a scheduled Padres home game, sporting event, or appearance in that same span.  
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