Chances are this is as good a park as you’ll rarely get a seat to visit. The legendary habitat of the Dragons is virtually sold out for every game. It’s been that way for the team’s entire history since 2000.

Still, outfield area lawn capacity does become available, so bring a blanket to experience the most loyal baseball fans in America. And here’s a nice touch--you’ll still be able to tell who the players are because the Dragons give away their program booklets to every fan free of charge.

Meanwhile, the front office has kept this park looking every bit as new as the night it was christened. There is nothing that looks neglected, worn or faded—even extending to the clubhouses where most of the public doesn’t go. Yet, there’s a special feature in Dragonland; there are tour guided visits available to fans want to browse the players’ domain.

Fifth Third Field is a double deck beauty of 7500 seats with an elongated, 200 foot matrix board in the outfield wall. The conventional scoreboard in the left field stands has a wonderful video screen, a rarity for Class A pro baseball. Overall, the stadium is a scaled down version of Indianapolis’ Victory Field.

The concourse, which has a nice view of the action, could’ve been designed wider to ease congestion, but with all due respect to their overwhelming fan base, who knew? Maxing out the house with every ticket you can print sure is one nice problem.

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