The Blue Claws play in the absolute model minor league stadium in the northeast corridor. Even though it’s near 8,500 capacity for every game, the concourse is wide enough to easily roll through a Mack truck, so there’s never an overcrowded feeling. As well, there’s a ton of parking.

The park’s signature feature is the cleverly planned picnic table areas. Almost all parks have them these days of course, but not like this place. Here, they’re actually positioned along the foul lines in mid-range from home plate and staggered for several rows, right down to field level by the bullpens. It’s almost like your own private suite table next to the action!

Since the Claw audience is definitely upscale (as evidenced by the parked cars), the concession items highlight pretty good food. In fact, even their party deck parties offer Fajitas, Rigatoni and Fried Calamari among other specialties.


Even though the stadium was built in 2001, the place still has the feel of being brand spanking new. Its constant cleanliness is an unsung surprise.

Meanwhile, the seats, particularly those next to the dugouts, are so low and close, you can really shake hands with the on-deck batter. But be alert for those foul balls!


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