Welcome to Wrigley Field north. While this preserved home of the Canadians doesn’t have the ivy or even outfield bleachers, it does feature the evergreen laden Queen Elizabeth Park in the hillside beyond rightfield. And like Wrigley, it’s a neighborhood ball yard with an intimate rooftop grandstand holding a topside pressbox. A closer look reveals that this is a miniaturized version of the Cubs’ house from first to third.

The seating area is split with a mid-level walkway separating the upper sections from the box seats. There are low slung dugouts with the fans close enough to hear the players grunt. Moreover, the concessions stands are positioned under the grandstand, making efficient use of every foot of its compact space. Heck, there’s even a hand operated scoreboard on the outfield wall that’s always been there and not as some retro designed afterthought.

Together, these characteristics also seem to bring an inherent community feel which surly inspires the C’s enthusiastic fans to be so vocal, yet friendly.



With the Winter Olympics coming to Vancouver in 2010, the surrounding area is undergoing some related construction to accommodate the event. Meanwhile, the C’s new management is also proactively engaged in upgrading and fine tuning everything in their own right to be the finest minor league baseball experience in Canada’s history.
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