Places Visited

Baseball purists will kneel at the altar of the Triple A Iowa Cubs. On the outskirts of downtown Des Moines and by the banks of the Raccoon River, this is a serene and enjoyable ambience of baseball focus.

Indeed, there are play areas for kids, a handsome souvenir shop and a hypnotizing grill and picnic area, but most of these amenities are situated under the grandstands in a sprawling concourse with TV monitors. (Still, there is a plaza level sidewalk fountain in the rightfield corner entrance of Principal Park, in a way reminding one of the Kansas City Royals’ stadium. And with these waterworks, kids are apt to run through it)!

Meanwhile, in the seats, it’s just the sight of orderly baseball, tastefully displayed. (There isn’t even an over-the-top PA announcer or some sound-effects madman between every pitch). As a tribute to their big league parent, the I-Cubs installed their own hand operated scoreboard, in addition to a video screen.

The stands stretch evenly down the lines, all of the seats chair-backed with perfect views of the field. Every section is connected which allows a feeling of togetherness, as opposed to some of the “artsy” styled parks which disjoint certain sections.

As a unique feature, many cool view suite boxes are located immediately above the leftfield wall. Moreover, adjacent to them is the glass enclosed, Cubs Club bar and grill. If you get the chance to get in, take it. It’s like a huge suite box for the average fan, with tables along the huge windows.


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