You don't even have to be a fan to be wowed here. The Bees merely designed this Major League calibre park with the majestic Rocky Mountains as the backdrop in the outfield, that's all.

It's stunning. In fact, here's a tip: when you go, buy the upper deck seats. Not only will you still be incredibly close to the action, but the mountain view is even more dramatic.

Meanwhile, the main level has a 360° concourse, which, in the outfield area, feels more like a walk in a park with its berms and random picnic tables.
Another brillant signature of Spring Mobile Ballpark is how both decks of the grandstand beyond first and third base are actually angled toward diamond. It's a page from the blueprint of the fabulous, old school stadiums of Forbes Field (Pittsburgh) and Sportsman's Park (St. Louis) which were ingenuously designed to allow beautiful viewpoints in these areas without turning one's head.

Literally, the game is right before you and moreover, so are the bullpens. The whole idea is to wrap the fan into the fabric of the action.

As a bonus, the Bees' staff is as attentive and professional as service can possibly get. Make the Bees a priority destination and you can thank me later.


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